No Substitutions!!!

I was talking to Heather about the tariffs on Chinese products last night. When I was finished, her only response was, “Does this mean we’ll have to pay more for Chinese food?” She’s just a tad sarcastic. Ordering Chinese food for delivery is tricky business. One small mistake and you will have spent 40 bucks … More No Substitutions!!!

Dangerous Times???

North Korea is warning the US that we are pushing them closer to nuclear war. I think the quote was, “If you don’t stop flying your bombers over our airspace, as soon as we figure out how to launch a rocket without exploding, you’re going to be in big trouble! By the way, how do … More Dangerous Times???

Trouble In China!!!

Sweet and sour chicken? Really? Both? It’s not possible, China. Not possible. I love Chinese food. Let me clarify. I love America’s version of Chinese food. Same with Japanese food. My wife and I took a trip to Southern California a few years ago, and had dinner at a Japanese restaurant. It was a gorgeous … More Trouble In China!!!

He Did What???!

When I was young, I came home eating a candy bar. My Mom asked me where I got it. I said “I bought it with the dollar you gave me”. She said “That dollar was for Sunday School”! I said “I know, but when I got there they let me in for free”! Where do … More He Did What???!