You Cheated On Me!!!

The next time you’re waiting to be seated at a very busy restaurant, try this. Take out your cell phone and pretend to be talking to someone. Very loudly say, “Get over here now! He’s with another woman!” I predict you’ll get a table quickly. I don’t know why people cheat on their significant other. … More You Cheated On Me!!!

More Leaks!!

The crackdown on the release of classified information is really getting tough. Yesterday a guy in the NSA was charged with treason when he told a coworker that he needed to take a leak. I do hope that the people who have committed felonies and perhaps treason are prosecuted and sentenced appropriately. These people did … More More Leaks!!

I’ve Still Got It!!

Yesterday, a hot girl gave me her phone number without me even asking for it. Ok, I hit her car, but still… Everyone seems to have a different perspective on what constitutes cheating. There is a physical affair that we can all agree on, but there are other behaviors that people think are cheating.  There’s … More I’ve Still Got It!!