World Cancer Day!

Dedicated to John Sebenius, Marie Murray, Terri Gibby, Shaine Mabey and others who have lost the fight or are fighting this dreadful monster.     Today is World Cancer Day, so no joke this morning. There’s just nothing funny about this horrible disease and the number of people it impacts every day. I have a lot … More World Cancer Day!

Cheat? Me????

I failed a test and the teacher made me take it home, have my mother sign it and return it to her. My mother asked me why I got an F. I told her it was due to absence. She said that was ridiculous because I was obviously there to flunk the test. I said, … More Cheat? Me????

You Stole What???

One of my friends sent a text to his neighbor apologizing for “using” his wife when he was away. He said, “I know it’s wrong, but I don’t get it at home. Please accept my apology.” The guy was furious, cursed out and told his wife he wanted a divorce, then sped away in his … More You Stole What???