I’m Not Guilty!!!

Robert Mueller’s team raided my home office yesterday. I know! They said it was because I had been playing the card game Spades on my computer which always includes one suit that is trump. I’m going to plead the fifth in Russian. It seems like everybody on ‘The Hill’ is either getting raided, fired or … More I’m Not Guilty!!!

It’s A Rug, It’s For Real, It’s Weird!!!

One think I’ve learned from studying science and the Bible is there is a reason for everything except for Donald Trump’s hair. Like him or not, he has the craziest hair of all former presidents. As David Letterman used to put it, “That thing on Donald Trump’s head.”I remember the last time President Trump was … More It’s A Rug, It’s For Real, It’s Weird!!!

Happy Boxing Day!!

Before I knew what Boxing Day was about I used to pick fights with my neighbors the day after Christmas.     Boxing Day? What the heck is that? Since it is the day after Christmas does it commemorate the day we get rid of all of the empty gift boxes? Why celebrate that?    Boxing … More Happy Boxing Day!!

Canada, the Deceiver!

I used to travel to Canada a great deal. Each time I entered the country, the customs agent would always ask me what the purpose of my visit was. I always said, I’m making a sales call. It always worked until I got the same agent three times. The guy said, “You make a lot of sales calls here!” I said, “I’m not very good.” The guy had no sense of humor. I was interrogated for 45 minutes. … More Canada, the Deceiver!