I’m Waiting!!!

65 years ago today I was only 1,131 days away from being born. Where does the time go? Yeah, crazy thought. My parents never even saw it coming. In fact they were so surprised when my Mom found out she was pregnant with me, they picked out a girl’s name. I know! I forget what … More I’m Waiting!!!

You Stink!!!

I think it would be funny to have a service animal that was a skunk. That way when I was on a plane, boom! The whole row to myself. Skunks are like women. They are beautiful creatures until you tick them off. Then you need to run for cover, fast. The wrath of an angry … More You Stink!!!

You Idiot!!!

Heather wanted a Pebble watch this year and prefers a heavy metal band rather than the leather one that comes with the watch. My neighbor gave me an idea for a gag gift. I took her old Pebble watch and super glued a Metallica CD to the face of it. Wait for it…. I’m your … More You Idiot!!!