Spittin’ Image!!!

Yesterday someone told me that I was the spitting image of my father. Naturally, I decked the guy. Comparing me and my father to some spit. The nerve. What exactly is a spitting image? What immediately comes to mind is someone with the camera taking a picture of some spittle on the sidewalk. What is … More Spittin’ Image!!!

I’m A Spy!!!

OK, let’s get this over with already. Oy. I talked to the Russian Ambassador and wiretapped the President’s phones. I also released the secret documents. Now can we get back to working on our country? By far, this has been the most bizarre election and transition in my lifetime. I know I’m young, according  to … More I’m A Spy!!!

Survive This!!!

I love the game, “Survivor”. They start out with 20 contestants who are systematically knocked out of the game until there are only three left. The winner is the one who lies and backstabs the most people. You know, like politics. Smear campaigns are the norm today. It’s not about what the candidates will do … More Survive This!!!