A Ghost!!!

We have a ghost in our house. I know! Actually I think it’s technically a ghostwriter. This morning I got up and my autobiography had been written. Writing a book is really a long and arduous process requiring hard work and dedication. That’s probably why I haven’t released a new one in a few years. … More A Ghost!!!

They Hurt What???

My wife hates to return items, so I do it. Last time she bought a pair of jeans a size smaller than usual. When I returned them, the customer service rep asked if there was anything wrong with them. I said, “They hurt my wife’s feelings.” I think most ladies get very disappointed when they … More They Hurt What???

Automate This!!

When I was leaving the hospital last week, I decided to get a cup of coffee from a vending machine. The guy in front of me watched in despair as the machine poured the coffee without dropping a cup first. I said, “Wow! Amazing technology. It even drinks it for you”! He was not amused. … More Automate This!!

Amazon.com CEO Lost 6 Billion dollars yesterday!!

My wife will come home from shopping and proudly say, “I saved $600 today”! I say, “That’s amazing, Sweetheart”! Then I extend my open hand and stare at her. Finally she asks what I’m doing. I say, “I’m waiting for you to give me the $600”! I’m beginning to love sleeping on the couch.     … More Amazon.com CEO Lost 6 Billion dollars yesterday!!