You’re drunk!!!

At a dinner party, a little girl kept staring at a man at the table. He finally asked her why she was staring at him. She said, “Mommy and Daddy said you drink like a fish so I was just waiting to see how you do it.” Wanna get away? Kids can be brutally honest. … More You’re drunk!!!

Ten Reindeer???

Most people think there are only nine Reindeer, but there are actually 10. You don’t hear much about her because she’s kind of mean. She’s mentioned in the song. “Olive, the other Reindeer, used to laugh and call him names….” I know. Silly joke but this time of year is perfect for being silly. I … More Ten Reindeer???

How Old Are You??

I was cleaning out my closet one day, getting rid of my fat clothes. My 8 year old daughter was watching me. I held up a large pair of jeans and said I must have been 260 when I wore these. My daughter looked startled and asked, “Well how old are you now”? I think … More How Old Are You??