Hot Diggity Dog!!!

I’m losing weight now, which is good. I think you’re only supposed to have one chin and the back of my neck is beginning to look like a package of hot dogs. I love hot dogs. Period. Boiled, fried, barbecued, roasted over a fire, microwaved, raw, cut into pieces in scrambled eggs or mac and … More Hot Diggity Dog!!!

I’m Freezing!!!

On Christmas Eve, we always go out to eat at the nicest place within our price range. This year, a diner was continually bugging the waiter to adjust the air conditioning. First he was too cold, then too hot. The waiter was very patient and kept going back and forth per the customer’s request. I … More I’m Freezing!!!

What We Got Here, Is A Failure To Communicate!

A friend of mine asked his wife what she’d like for her birthday. She said, “I’d like to be eight again” On her birthday, it was Coco Puffs for breakfast, then off to the theme park. They went on every ride in the park. Next, McDonald’s where he ordered her a Happy Meal. Then to a movie, with popcorn and candy. Exhausted that night, he asked her, “What was it like being eight again?” She said, “I meant my dress size, you idiot!” Even when a man listens, he’s gonna get it wrong. … More What We Got Here, Is A Failure To Communicate!