Sleepless in Seattle

If the genders were reversed in the romantic comedy, “Sleepless in Seattle”, it would become a scary stalker movie on Lifetime.

Think about it. She hears a child on a radio show, becomes obsessed, then the stalking begins. Flights back and forth across the country, having pictures taken while he’s on a date, dumps Walter, played by the guy who steals his brother’s girlfriend, in “While you were Sleeping”, tricks the kid into showing up at the empire State Building.

If it were the scary version, Tom Hanks would hear hear her on a talk radio show, complaining about Walter. Hanks is in need of a new Mother for Jonah, who Hanks obviously killed, so he flies back and forth to spy on her, because Meg Ryan was gorgeous then, kills Walter with a flower he’s allergic to, and then tricks Ryan to go to the Empire State Building, to “console” her.

They end up in Seattle, they marry, everything is fine for about six months…

Ah, romance. Isn’t it grand?

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