I’m so sorry!

I was talking to a friend this past week. My friend ran to his dad and told him the car wouldn’t start. “What’s wrong with it, son?” Said his dad. My friend said that there was water in the carburetor. he said,”You don’t even know what a carburetor is!”. “I know, but I’m pretty sure … More I’m so sorry!

I know what I did!!

I hate it when the local news here keeps going back to a ‘Breaking News’ story that was resolved an hour before the broadcast. I already know what I did, they’re just rubbing it in. It’s so ridiculous. They keep going back to the same reporter every five minutes to get the exact same ‘update’ … More I know what I did!!

I am McStupid

It’s raining here, so the floor was kind of slippery at McDonald’s. Of course I was the one who slipped and fell. I hurt my knee, back, neck and leg. I thought about suing, but they offered me a free breakfast sandwich every week for a year! Score! I love McDonald’s breakfast. I really don’t … More I am McStupid

I’m getting old!!

On this very day, 25 years ago, I was 39 years old. It’s not my birthday or anything at all significant. I just happened to think about that this morning. Carry on. It’s kind of like the joke, “Today I broke my own record of consecutive days alive.” It really does boggle the mind with … More I’m getting old!!