Watch the birdie!!

My 10 year old grandson, Boaz, told my son, Eric, that he wanted a cell phone. Eric asked him why. Boaz said he wanted to be able to take pictures. Eric said, “I’ll get you a camera instead.” Boaz asked,”What’s a camera?” Yikes! We don’t think of those things until they happen. This younger generation … More Watch the birdie!!

I have allergies!!

I’m allergic to alligators. I’m pretty sure that even one bite would probably kill me. People who suffer from food allergies beware! Yesterday my wife and I were about to watch a football game. We decided we needed some ‘football food’ so I ordered from a local restaurant. We ordered two mini cheese burgers, southwest … More I have allergies!!

Stop beating me!!

I think I would rather be a baseball bat than a piñata, because the piñata gets hit pretty hard. When my kids were little, I only bought one piñata for their birthday parties. I don’t mean one for each party, I mean only one ever. Each time a blindfolded kid took a whack at it, … More Stop beating me!!

Me, a narcissist???

I hate the word ‘narcissist’ because I didn’t create it myself. I think a real narcissist is difficult to be around because they’re always thinking of themselves and nobody else. I like to hang out with those who always think of ME first and not themselves. I know! It’s not like I’m selfish or anything, … More Me, a narcissist???

I am broke!!!

When my kids were little, we were leaving Disneyland. My daughter waved and said, “Bye bye, Goofy.” My son waved and said, “Bye bye, Pluto.” I waved and said, “Bye bye, money.” I honestly have no idea how a family can afford to go to any of the Disney properties. Seriously, it’s crazy expensive. I … More I am broke!!!