I Can Sing!!!

I'm convinced that Elvis Presley is channeling through me but only in the shower or car. I crack myself up when I'm in the shower and absolutely nailing a song. Then while still singing I step out of the shower and then wow, I'm the worst singer ever. I don't know why the acoustics are … More I Can Sing!!!

How Do You Know???

Whenever I look at a directory at a mall or theme park and there's a dot and a blurb saying "You are here", it makes me nervous. Are they following me? I have the worlds worst sense of direction. Seriously. I've become lost so many times, even just going to the grocery store a few … More How Do You Know???

More Leaks!!

The crackdown on the release of classified information is really getting tough. Yesterday a guy in the NSA was charged with treason when he told a coworker that he needed to take a leak. I do hope that the people who have committed felonies and perhaps treason are prosecuted and sentenced appropriately. These people did … More More Leaks!!