It’s hump day

The best day of the week for me is Wednesday because I can always count on the camel to remind me that it’s hump day. Even if you’re in a bad mood because you still have to work two more days in the week, it’s awfully hard to remain in a bad mood when there’s … More It’s hump day

Another grandbaby!!

Grand kids are God’s way of rewarding us for not killing our children.  Yesterday, we were blessed by the birth of our ninth grandbaby. I know! Nine! We could not feel more blessed. Let’s see if that makes Katie, Boaz, Titus, Isaac, Logan, Abby, Lizzie, Hannah, and now Rebekah! Plus our god daughter is … More Another grandbaby!!

And the verdict is…

I think jurors in murder cases should be chosen based on their astrology signs. That way they could come up with jurors who think similarly and eliminate so many hung jury mistrials. Sure, there would certainly still be some innocent people sent to prison, I don’t know a way to eliminate that problem, except maybe … More And the verdict is…

See you next year!

There are always people who think it’s funny when they say, “see you next year” on New Year’s Eve. It drives me crazy. And they laugh like it’s the first time it’s ever been said. Since this is mostly done in offices, I think it would be fitting to give that person’s computer a nasty … More See you next year!

It’s not juicy!!!

If I hear one more weather person using the terms juicy and toasty, I’m going to go insane. Most of you already know that ship has sailed but if it’s possible to go even more insane, the meteorologists will push me over the ledge.  I know it’s trivial and I don’t have to watch … More It’s not juicy!!!