Times Are Tough!!!

I often fondly remember growing up on the farm. Pa would cut lumber for a living and get as much he could out of the fields while my sister and I helped my mother with things during the day. Then one day my sister went blind… wait a minute, isn’t that the old TV show … More Times Are Tough!!!

Zip it!!!

I’ve never been on a zip line, but if I do I want to go at night wearing night vision goggles and a special forces uniform with a gun. Oh, and I might never come back. I’ve often thought about living in the woods and living off the land. It would probably be very lonely, … More Zip it!!!

I Am Toast!!!

Does anybody ever use a toaster for bread anymore? All of my friends and family seem to use it only for a Ego waffles and pop tarts. It’s no wonder. My toaster has two settings. One, to warm the bread slightly and two, smoke detector mode. I think that maybe it’s time to get a … More I Am Toast!!!

I’m A Champion!!!

Next year, I’ve decided I am going to be an Olympic champion. I don’t even know if the Olympics are next year or not but that is beside the point. In my mind they are next year and I’m going to win. Perhaps making the most grunts while getting up from my recliner. Hey, the … More I’m A Champion!!!