Oh my aching back!!

I always hear people say, “He threw me under the bus”. That doesn’t make sense. I’ve tested it on three different people now and it’s so much easier to push them in front of a moving bus. Plus bonus, it’s really easier on the back. People say the craziest things. In matters of love, we … More Oh my aching back!!

Who books it??

Two comedians were having lunch. One of them said, “Man, I had the worst gig last night. I performed in a bowling alley in front of four people for free!” The other comic said, “Man, that’s brutal. So, uh, who books it?” (Credit to Bruce Baum) When you first start out in the world of … More Who books it??

They’re coming!!

Sometimes I order food from ‘Uber Eats’ just so I can watch the car move to my house on the map. Easily entertained? Pretty much. I love the Uber Eats program. For those who might be unfamiliar with it, you download the app on your phone. When you open it, it determines your location and … More They’re coming!!

Everything is great!

The next time someone who really doesn’t care asks me “How’s everything?”, I’m going to tell them everything. It will be the equivalent of someone asking Socrates, “So, whatcha thinking about?” I really don’t like insincere comments and questions, do you? Having said that, there are times when it seems appropriate. Like when someone dumps … More Everything is great!