Only 24 Hours!!!

Football, schmootball. I think I would much rather binge watch 24 then waste my time watching my favorite teams get crushed. At least in 24 I know who’s going to win. No surprises except for those things I have forgotten. And there are certain things (almost the entire show) that I didn’t remember about the … More Only 24 Hours!!!

Stop The Mud!!!

No worries, through clouds and rain come huge mud slides that fill up the basement and cause people to create their own cursewords. I have a tendency to look at the bright side Everyone is so worried about getting the mud out of their basement. I say that the things that are in the basement … More Stop The Mud!!!

Times Are Tough!!!

I often fondly remember growing up on the farm. Pa would cut lumber for a living and get as much he could out of the fields while my sister and I helped my mother with things during the day. Then one day my sister went blind… wait a minute, isn’t that the old TV show … More Times Are Tough!!!