Improv is the best!

I’m a huge fan of sketch comedy and improv. The only thing I don’t like, is when a bunch of people get on stage and make stuff up.

They play these games that are really funny. That are hilarious! Like the TV show, ‘Who’s line is it anyway?’ I absolutely loved that show as did millions of others. I was in a couple of improv troops, and it was so much fun. You have almost all of your friends on stage and it’s all about waiting for the best opportunity to throw out the perfect punchline.

Sometimes that means playing for the team by setting up the punchline and the other person can slam dunk it. And then there are the cheaters. The ones that are not really very good so they say the same punchlines again and again and again. One time we were playing this game called ‘Who am I’ and I was the person who didn’t know who I was so the players were all giving me subtle clues.

Subtle is the keyword here. You listen to enough clues to begin to figure out who you are. It’s supposed to take some time. In fact the longer you go the funnier it gets. Well there was one guy who wasn’t very good. I was catching on that I was supposed to be Bill Clinton. But I wasn’t 100% sure. This knucklehead walks up and says “Here’s your burger Bill” I know! Game over. Idiot.

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One thought on “Improv is the best!

  1. I used to think improv was easy, just getting up there and goofing around, then watching it realised an audience want wit, timing and originality. Must be a heck of a lot harder than working from a script.
    Who’d have the courage to be a comic?


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