Wish upon a what???

I think wishing on a star is stupid. Some people think it’s romantic but they obviously haven’t thought it through. How would you get there? Someone would have to fly you there in a rocket. That’s very expensive. I don’t have that kind of money. Besides once I got there, what would I wish for? I think I would wish I hadn’t spent all that money.

Why wish upon a star in space when you can just ask a real star, like a movie star, for some money? Of course you would have to either make or fake a charity for that donation. I don’t encourage such behavior but I would rather do that than wish on a fireball in the sky.

I think romance completely warps the brain. It used to be that people would write songs and poetry about the man in the moon. Seriously? That must’ve all stopped when we actually went to the moon and the only man there was Neil Armstrong.

I would rather pray to God for a miracle, like maybe the Miami Dolphins would make it to the playoffs this year, or that the San Francisco Giants would have at least a winning record. Now those are worth wishing for.

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