Everything is just fine!

Yes, the Echosystem Is really doing quite well. Everybody says it’s not because of too much pollution and plastic. I don’t get these scientists. If I stand in my yard and yell something, it always echoes back. Yet another example of scientific evidence conjured up… Wait, Ecosystem? As you were.

The earth is full of pollution. I think air pollution is the worst. It’s way out of control. I know how to fix it. You have to keep the Kardashians off of the air, including Kanye. Cancel The View,Splitting Up Together, The Son, Fam, Proven Innocent. That’s a great start. Shut the politicians up. Shut down C-SPAN, all of the political news shows. They’re all spewing the rhetoric of their favorite party anyway, so why should we continue this host of lies? Finally don’t let any of the following ‘artists’ on the airwaves: Momoland, Logan Paul, Jake Paul, Lil Tay, (any artist beginning with Lil), R. Kelly, Rich White Men, Kidz Bop Kids, Justin Bieber, Rush Limbaugh, Yoko Ono, the list goes on. And don’t let Me back on a stage or any type of airwave. That’ll fix it!

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