I can’t trust you!

I’ve heard so many people say, “I can to trust him as far as I can throw him.” This is ridiculous. Why would you want to throw someone to determine their level of trust? I know one thing for sure. If someone threw me, I don’t think I would never trust them again.

This concept is awful and dangerous for people who are light of weight, except for “little people”. Never children. Every parent knows they are not to be trusted, but throwing even one will send you to the joint, and rightful so!

While in prison, you need to be able to trust your cell mate, so there’s no choice. You MUST throw him. But don’t be surprised if he throw you first, but only once. Multiple throws are just my meant to inflict bodily harm. If this happens, yell for help! The guy is obviously a lunatic.

Some people are obviously untrustworthy. Most any politicians, some car sales people, most jewelers, most pawn shop owners, some mechanics, gold diggers of both genders, the IRS and some attorneys. Oh, and some stock brokers. And that’s all I know about shrimp. Click here for more than a thousand FREE short and funny blogs!

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