Don’t drink that Drano!

I saw this written on a container of Drano: Harmful if swallowed. Who would consume Drano? Drano is for pipes, but the metal or plastic kind. If your throat pipes are clogged, you should see a doctor. And then check into a mental institution. There’s something wrong with you.

Even if a person can’t read, the illustrations on the container should be sufficient. There is only a picture of a drain pipe on it. Not a picture of a thirsty person saying ‘This is refreshing! All my pipes are clear. I can breathe again!’ Not for long, idiot.

Even shoe manufacturers feel the need to have ‘Do Not Eat’ written on the little gel packets they put in your shoe boxes. This is stupid. You should not deprive someone of a potentially harmful or fatal snack. Buying shoes makes them hungry. It’s natural selection. If we need to keep the population down, let the stupid people do it for you on their own.

I think every harmful product should come with a fruit roll up. This will distract the person from eating the dangerous item. Maybe Gummy Worms. Something that will make the stupid people say, “Man, that Gummy Worm was delicious! I no longer feel the need to eat this dangerous product.” Click here for more than a thousand FREE short and funny blogs!

3 thoughts on “Don’t drink that Drano!

  1. Despite the obvious. I mean, like who would eat those Silica gels things after they’ve been in shoes???? (even new ones).
    Apparently this is put there in case some recently departed yo-yo’s family try to being a legal action against the company for not putting out this warning.
    Over here in the UK, we reckon such behaviour only proves Darwin was right about ‘Natural Selection’ .

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