Don’t say that!!

Words never heard, anywhere: I can’t wait for the next Steve Guttenberg movie!

Ok, that’s mean and it’s not his fault. In fact and more to the point, he’s not a good actor, but he ended up landing quite a few juicy movie gigs. That’s great marketing on his or his agent’s part.

I’m really not trying to disrespect Guttenberg. After all, I only worked on two major motion pictures – as a crowd warm up guy during scenes where a big crowd needs to be entertained between takes to keep them fresh during an 18 hour day. That’s it. So the man certainly did better than I did.

So what’s the point? Heather and I have attempted to watch several movies lately and wound up bailing on them because 20 minutes in, there were no laughs in the comedies and terrible plot lines in the dramas. And these are with marquis actors. I know! The production companies seem to be throwing anything at the walls to see what sticks. Nice pasta reference!

We’ve taken to watching films like ‘The Avengers’ and others directed and produced by people who always seem to get it right. The rest of it is junk where, just like a bad live comedy show, there seem to be more impacting swear words instead of punch lines. What has become of great writing, casting and execution? Very sad.

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