The answer is no!!

My friend Steve really needed a new laptop for college but he also wanted to ‘pop the question’ to his girlfriend. He took her to dinner and surprised her on one knee with a beautiful engagement ring. Then he asked, “Megan, will you do me the honor of buying me a new laptop?”

I don’t know why engagements must include a story, but they do. And it better be a good one. Romantic, unique and unforgettable. That’s a lot of pressure! I know! It’s normally dinner at a fine restaurant with the magic question asked on one knee. She says yes, everyone cheers and the restaurant and that exact table become their ‘special place’ right up to the divorce.

Sometimes the guy will have the ring placed in a glass of champagne. That’s very romantic unless she chokes on the ring. I’ve read horrifying stories about that exact scenario. I think it’s better to handle the matter in private, just in case she says no. Talk about awkward.

When I proposed to Heather, it was in the parking lot of a comedy club following a show. I said, “We should get married.” How’s that for romance? The next morning she told her best friend, “I think I’m engaged.” Always leave ’em guessing.

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