I’m stuck!!

I don’t like the word ‘stuck’. There’s nothing good about it. “I’m stuck! Help me out! Ouch! I just got stuck with a pin! I have that stupid song stuck in my head! I got stuck in the back of the line! There are plenty more, of course. I move that we delete the word from the English language. Do I hear a second?

Maybe I’m being a bit hasty. There are a few positive connotations. “I stuck it out, Hmmm maybe just one. “I stuck my gum under the table.” That’s not good.”I stuck it to them.” Not good either unless maybe it was a burgler or someone who deserved something bad. I’m sticking (get it?) to my guns. I want it out!

I would like a word or two added. Coloquialisms, mostly. Words like ‘funner’ which I hear a lot where I live. Might as well add it. How about ‘gunnu’, as in “I’m not gunnu.” That’s a big one here as well. Also, any word that is supposed to be proudest with a ‘t’. Unless a word begins with a ‘t’, it is silent here.

So let’s add ‘bu__on for button, coun_er for counter, baby si__er, you get the idea. I’m pretty sure I here the same thing in some parts of the North East of the US too. It even happens on the news! There’s a terrific meteorologist here who nails everything except for the word commute. She says things like, “So give yourself a little extra time for your morning commu_e in case you get ‘stuck’ in traffic.” Drives me crazy!

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3 thoughts on “I’m stuck!!

  1. My dear departed Dad had this thing about the word ‘got’, he reckoned it was not necessary and sounded ugly. He was always going to install in the house a ‘got’ box; like a ‘swear’ box.
    Sheila and myself still talk about that.

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