I love doing crunches!


I think the ‘experts should get their act straight. I’ve heard that every piece of bacon you eat subtracts seven minutes of your life. I don’t believe it! If it were accurate, I should have died in 1826. Besides, the seven minute total would take away that time when I’m really old and decrepit. Who wants to live longer then?

Bacon is clearly the best food ever. I know! I’m going to go a little ‘Bubba from Forrest Gump’ on you here. There’s crispy bacon by itself, BLTs, club sandwiches, bacon burgers, bacon wrapped brussel sprouts, bacon wrapped asparagus, bacon wrapped turkey legs, bacon and egg sandwiches, bacon wrapped hard boiled eggs.

Bacon wrapped shrimp, bacon wrapped scallops, bacon and beans, bacon wrapped steak, bacon in meatloaf, bacon wrapped hot dogs and all sorts of sausages. And that’s all I have a say about that. Please add more in your comments. I need and will have some bacon today!

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7 thoughts on “I love doing crunches!

  1. I have always believed that ‘quality’ of life is to be valued over ‘quantity’. I have no desire to live to be 95, spending my last quarter-decade in a nursing home drooling on myself and waiting to have my diaper changed. Gimme da bacon … I’ll take my chances on losing 7 minutes … or more like 42 minutes per week! Quality over quantity! Oh, and could be remember the bacon/chocolate bars, too, please?

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  2. That joke just does not get old, I would have liked to have heard you tell it Jerry.
    One thing about being neurotic is you never run out of petrol (British), of course you car is swilling with fuel and if anyone steals it they’ve got a very long free ride…but swings and roundabouts.

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