I shot you first!!

On Tuesday, two Alabama men decided it would be fun to put on bullet proof vests, go in the back yard and shoot each other. They followed through but one of them had to go to the hospital. They were both arrested. Just a hunch, but do you think there was moonshine involved?

Seriously, the guy being treated was shot 6 times. These were grown men who apparently didn’t know that, although the vests might stop a bullet or two, in the end you’ll feel like you just went 10 rounds with Mike Tyson in his prime. And you know they’ll be sitting around saying, “Remember that time when we shot each other? That was awesome!”

If they ever do it again, they should each aim a little higher, or maybe join the circus. Natural selection, thinning the herd. How drunk and bored do you have to be to decide that shooting each other is a good idea? And was anyone else home? Were their wives in the house encouraging them? “You boys have fun.” Then immediately drop to their knees and pray for the worst.

There was a time in my life when I would do most anything on a dare, but it was always something like drinking hot sauce, eating a jalapeño, a cup of fresh coffee grounds or jamming an arrow shaped, hard plastic swizzle stick up my nose. Ok, that one could have killed me but fortunately I just lost a lot of blood. These days, my idea of thrill seeking is trying to make it to the mail box and back without having a seizure. Click here for more than a thousand FREE short and funny blogs!Click here to join Viral Pay! It’s completely free with no fees – ever! I’ve made more than $500 in less than a week! Sign up today for an instant $25 bonus!

6 thoughts on “I shot you first!!

  1. I don’t know if moonshine was a factor, but common sense and brains were surely NOT factors! What bloomin’ eejits! Too bad they didn’t both miss the vests, aim higher, and make it two less idiots for the world to have to deal with!

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  2. Even I, a british, socialist who would not know how to load a gun much less fire it, know that bullet proof vests do not make the bullets go ‘ping’ and bounce off; they absorb the impact and the wearer is left at best with a very sore chest, like they’ve been hit with a hammer on their bear skin.
    This in scientific terms is knowing as a Darwinian moment, those guys genes are just not primed for survival.

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