I need to think things through!!

Last year on April Fools Day, I told a police officer that I had committed the murder they couldn’t solve. Before I could say “April Fools!”, I was on the ground, cuffed and whisked off for 8 grueling hours of interrogation. They were not happy about my prank. I need to think these things through.

This is my kind of day. A whole 24 hour period where it’s not only ok to pull elaborate pranks on people, it’s encouraged! I know! Still, there are boundaries you need to be aware of. For example, don’t prank TSA agents by putting a fake bomb in your carry on. Those people have no sense of humor. I learned that lesson the hard way. Fortunately, tazers don’t do permanent damage.

Years ago, when I lived in Southern California, I had a boss who loved to pull pranks. Big ones. Elaborate ones. Expensive ones. We pranked each other all the time. He moved from the east coast some time back. California was experiencing severe crop damage due to the migration of the ‘gypsy moth’. This was a serious problem.

I was in his office when he got a call from the Environmental Protection Agency. He put it on speaker. As the EPA agent was telling him that when he moved he failed to have his patio furniture inspected for the pest. He winked at me and said, “The gypsy moth? I’ve got ’em. They’re the ones with the little red bandannas on their heads, right?

He obviously thought I was pranking him because he kept laughing at the agent who was trying to set up an appointment to inspect his patio furniture. He finally hung up on the guy, while laughing. He told me, “Jerry, you’ve got to do better than that to get me.” I just smiled. It was a pretty substantial fine. Heh, heh, heh.

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6 thoughts on “I need to think things through!!

  1. The saying in the UK for your boss’ situation is ‘Hoisted with your petard’ .
    This has its origins in siege warfare, where a petard was a an explosive device you hooked to a wall or gate, lit the fuse and ran (assuming you survived the enemy’s attention who was not just hanging around going ‘Gee George..Lookit him’).
    Back to the petard sometimes the fuse wasn’t long enough or the explosives were a bit of volatile so before you got to run …Kerrrrbooomb!

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  2. Oh yes, you really must think these things through at least twice before telling cops you committed a murder or TSA dudes you have a bomb! But, I have to laugh at the prank you didn’t play on your boss! Did he get even?

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    1. Yes he did. Big time. There was more to that prank. I paid two cops to create a bogus arrest warrant. They cuffed him and read him his rights at a corporate event with 350 people there. It was awesome.

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