I’m Technologically challenged!!

I used to work for a large cell phone company. My new boss from outside the company wasn’t ‘tech savvy’. One day he called me in his office because his new computer didn’t work. He was standing, pointing the mouse at the monitor and said he couldn’t get the remote to work.

I swear, it’s true! I know! The irony. They hired the guy from Colgate or some place like that because he understood retail, which was the obvious mass distribution channel. But to plop the guy right in the middle of a high tech world was insane. He was a great guy, but just didn’t have a clue.

It reminds me of my Dad. One year for Christmas, my brother Fred bought my parents a microwave oven. Granted, they were still fairly new to the marketplace and there were so many unfounded rumors about the radiation leaking and causing burns or cancer. My Dad refused to use it. Ever. It ended up outside gathering dust.

On one of my favorite episodes of ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’, Ray and Robert were in the kitchen, heating something up. The radiation topic came up. They both covered their groin with cupped hands. Hilarious. Then their father came in with no idea what they were doing but stood next to them with his hands over his privates too. I couldn’t stop laughing.

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2 thoughts on “I’m Technologically challenged!!

  1. My office made me the liaison officer with the Regional HQ Computer unit. 15 other people of my grade owned home computers (its was the mid 1990s)- not me and what was funnier was this sort of conversation when there were problems.
    Help-Desk: ‘Hi. Rog.. You’re in the Server room yeah?’
    Me: ‘Yeah,’
    Help-Desk: ‘OK. So take out the red lead out,’
    Me: ‘Errr….I can’t tell red from green,’
    Help-Desk: ‘Ah….Well, the one of the left…’:
    Me: ‘Far left or near left?’
    Help-Desk: ‘Hang on Rog’…. I’ll ask Sue,’
    (Muted conversation)
    Help-Desk: ‘She says the near left,’
    Me: ‘OK…Hang on……(minor bad word)….Sorry just tripped over the wires. It’s a jungle back here,’
    Help-Desk; ‘You haven’t pulled any others out have you?????’ (alarmed voice)
    Me: ‘No just banged my elbow,’
    Help-Desk: ‘Oh that’s good….No what I meant was,’

    And so on. Happy days

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