I’m in big trouble!!

I was cleaning the garage yesterday. Suddenly, the Christmas tree box fell on me. I threw it off and it knocked over the metal gas can, which caused a spark, ignited the gas and torched the garage and Heather’s car. I am now in the witness protection program.

Have you ever had a chain of events that ended in disaster? I have, too many times, although they all seem pretty funny now. When I was 20, I worked in an transmission shop. I knew nothing. I was watching the owner using a torch to loosen a rusty cross bar on a car.

I noticed that his pants had caught fire and alerted him. He told me to get some wet rags. I grabbed a whole bunch of wet ones, unaware that they were soaked in kerosene. I threw them on his pant leg and ‘whoosh’, he had a nice ride in an ambulance. He was a little burned, but not bad.

The most amazing thing to me was that he didn’t fire me. I was carrying the last of my things out to my car when his wife pulled in. He got out of the car and said, “Where are you going, you idiot?” That was a crazy example. What’s more amazing is that I ended up managing the shop a couple of years later. It still baffles me.

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4 thoughts on “I’m in big trouble!!

  1. Are you serious? I hope this didn’t really happen, but somehow I sense that you’re not kidding! Wow. And Heather hasn’t killed you? Glad you’re okay anyway … stay out of trouble this week if you can!

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