I am McStupid

It’s raining here, so the floor was kind of slippery at McDonald’s. Of course I was the one who slipped and fell. I hurt my knee, back, neck and leg. I thought about suing, but they offered me a free breakfast sandwich every week for a year! Score!

I love McDonald’s breakfast. I really don’t care for anything else on the menu except for the filet of fish sandwich. I’m even suspect of that too. It’s so inexpensive, I’m pretty sure it’s made of flaked and formed guppies. It’s square, breaded, covered with cheese and tarter sauce. Who would be the wiser? I don’t care. It tastes great!

I always wonder about getting any food item for a buck. I realize the value of loss leaders and up selling, but they never even try. This must mean that they’re making a profit on a one dollar Sausage McMuffin. Really? It might cost you more than that to make it at home. There’s got to be something wrong.

And yet, we eat them. Why not? They’re delicious! You can even have them delivered! I know! An Uber driver will pick it up and deliver it to your house. How cool is that? The only problem with going the Uber route is that, with a tip, it ends up costing about ten bucks. That’s just not smart. Plus, I don’t trust Uber drivers. The last time I used their service, the food smelled like pot, there was a bite taken from my sandwich and half of the fries were gone.

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