I’m a little short!!

My friend, his daughter Beth and I were at the mall and ran into another friend of mine. After introductions, he said to my friend, “And what is Beth short for?” Her father said,”Because she’s only 4, you idiot”

I find it interesting the way we shorten names and other words. For example, you’ll never read our hear the abbreviation ‘congrats’ from me. Somehow, I think it sort of cheapens the accomplishments of the person being congratulated. Is it just me?

Shortened names are ok, but I don’t understand how some came to be. Aside from the obvious answer (shame on you), why does a person named Richard become Dick? I know! Why does John become Jack? I know someone named Isabel who is called Libby.

How about Charles becoming Chuck? William becomes Bill. Henry becomes Hank. James becomes Jimmy. Theodore becomes Ted. You get the idea. Bruce becomes Caitlyn. I think these shortened names can result in confusion and in some cases, identity crises. Name your kids and use proper abbreviations if you find it necessary to do. Wow! I feel better!

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