Hey, that’s my nickel!!

I was in a bank. A boy was holding a can full of change. He put a nickel in his mouth and swallowed it. He couldn’t breathe. A man stepped up and did a heimlich maneuver on the boy. His Mom asked, “Sir are you a doctor?” He said, “Nope, IRS agent.” He put the nickel in his pocket and walked away.

With the government shutdown,about half of the IRS employees are not getting paid. This is crazy! I don’t need a very angry agent processing my return while not getting paid! I know! If there ever was a worst case scenario, this is it.

TSA agents being forced to work for free or face termination of employment. That’s just wrong and is certainly a national security risk. I know all of the workers will get paid what they’re owed once the shutdown ends but the truth is those large checks are likely to be taxed higher than normal because they will be so large.

I think both President Trump and Nancy Pelosi should divorce their spouses and get married. They’re behaving like stubborn spouses anyway. The state of the union address would go off as usual, with the only exception being that each time the cameras focused on the new first lady, she would be flipping the bird at Trump. That would be fun!

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