I have to plow the upper 40!!

I wish I was a farmer. That would be cool. You work with your hands and machinery and grow whatever will grow in your part of the country. You eat what you grow and you go into town for supplies once a month. Wait. I watched a western last night. Too much work for me. I hate farming.

When I was a younger kid, (yes, I’m still a kid at 64), I remember a Kelloggs corn flakes commercial where the farmer peeled back an ear of corn and corn flakes came out. I know! I bugged my Mom for months to buy some corn so I could experience that. She always looked at me like I was a knucklehead.

Last week I found out it was just a gimmick for a commercial. Imagine my devastation when I shucked an ear and found only raw corn. At the very least I thought there might be popcorn inside, which was on another commercial. It’s getting to the point where I just don’t seem to believe the claims the advertisers make on TV.

And why is it called an ear of corn? It looks nothing like an ear of any kind. Yet more deception. I thought that eating corn would improve my hearing. Just another lie. And why not peel the corn instead of shucking it? I thing I’m going to end the blog now and go shuck a banana.

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3 thoughts on “I have to plow the upper 40!!

  1. One side benefit of farmers is that they never get accused of ‘moaning’. Everyone nods respectfully and as ‘Yes of course. Makes sense. Who’d be a farmer eh?’
    Which I guess is small comfort when the weather or bugs wrecks your efforts.
    Why are old jokes ‘corny’?

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