What’s the password???

I was at a coffee shop recently and asked an employee what the wifi password was. She said “You have to buy a drink first.” I said, “OK, I’ll take a pumpkin spice latte.” After I paid for the drink I asked “Now what is the password?” She said “It’s ‘You have to buy a drink first’, all lower case. Well played, coffee girl, well played.

I think it’s great to have free wifi available in your retail establishment, but I do have a few concerns. For instance, why does McDonald’s have a ‘Free WiFi’ sticker on the window of the drive through? The last time I was there I asked the drive through cashier for the wifi password. He said, “Um, that’s just available inside.

Inside? Rats! I was planning on logging in for the 30 seconds I was in line. Don’t tease me, McDonald’s. Why would I sit inside a burger joint with screaming kids just to use the wifi when I can go to Starbucks, where it’s quiet except for the occasional blender noise? Plus Starbucks has comfortable, albeit limited, seating available.

The thing that really baffles me are seeing people spending hours on end using their laptop at Starbucks. Who types on their laptop for four hours straight? What are they doing, writing a novel? Or the obnoxious guy who talks on his cell phone with the dangling ear bud/microphone loud because he to wants to show everyone how important he is. Really? Have you no idea how annoying you are?

OK, I’m finished and man, do I feel better after ranting. I think I’ll take my laptop and go to Starbucks so I can relax for a while. Hey, wait a minute… Click here for more than 4,000 FREE short and funny blogs!

2 thoughts on “What’s the password???

  1. Folk do like to show how important they think they are don’t they?
    Like the guy using the urinal while talking on his mobile (not happy about witnessing that one) I mean the hygiene implications, never mind the person on the other end thinking…
    ‘Am I hearing what I think I’m hearing???’

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