Watch the birdie!!

My 10 year old grandson, Boaz, told my son, Eric, that he wanted a cell phone. Eric asked him why. Boaz said he wanted to be able to take pictures. Eric said, “I’ll get you a camera instead.” Boaz asked,”What’s a camera?” Yikes!

We don’t think of those things until they happen. This younger generation wouldn’t know what a vcr is, let alone a camera. Even some of the best professional photographers have started to experiment with using only a cell phone.

In fact, one of my favorite film directors, Steven Soderbergh, has a movie called ‘Unsane’ which he shot using iPhone 7s. No joke. I know! I can’t wait to see it. I read that the phone cameras gave it a sort of ‘Blair Witch Project’ feel, but you couldn’t tell it was shot with iPhones. Crazy.

Years ago, my daughter, Sarah, was picking things up around the house. She showed me a vhs tape and asked me where she should put it. I said, “Just put it by the turntable.” Sarah said, “Daddy, what’s a turntable?” Man I’m old.

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