Me, a narcissist???

I hate the word ‘narcissist’ because I didn’t create it myself.

I think a real narcissist is difficult to be around because they’re always thinking of themselves and nobody else. I like to hang out with those who always think of ME first and not themselves. I know! It’s not like I’m selfish or anything, just way more interesting.

Seriously, I know a couple of narcissists. No matter what you say, they always find a way to immediately make it all about them. It happens constantly and drives me and others crazy. You cannot have a normal dialog with a narcissist and it makes you want to avoid them.

I think a narcissist should only marry someone who feels like they belong at the bottom and their spouse belongs at the top. It’s sad, but that’s the only way it could work. When two narcissists marry, invariably they will end up on Dateline or 48 Hours.

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