Don’t pull my hair!!

When my kids were little, I heard my daughter, Sarah scream in pain. I found my son, Eric pulling her hair. I told her he didn’t know it would hurt. I heard another scream, came back and my daughter said, “He knows now”.

Why little kids do things like that is a mystery. I guess they’re just curious. Do you believe it? Not on your life. My mischievous son knew that it would hurt. I was just trying to diffuse the situation. Clearly that plan failed.

You just can’t give kids a pass on these behaviors, especially when inflicting pain on someone else. Especially boys. They love to torture their siblings, especially sisters. Some people spank, others give time outs so they can think about what they’ve done. Still others teach them to realize they have disrespected their sibling and that’s unacceptable and issue a just punishment.

I don’t think having boys ‘think’ about what they did is such a good idea. I guarantee they will not only see the whole thing as a victory, they’ll be plotting how to pull the same stunt the next time without getting caught. Never trust little boys. I used to be one, (um, kinda of stupid to explain that) so I know. Click here for more than a thousand FREE short and funny blogs!

2 thoughts on “Don’t pull my hair!!

  1. Women who never had brothers should be taught that there is always that part of a man which never advanced beyond the age of 7 and that between the ages 12 and 20 the brain shuts down and takes 10 years to get into shape again (that’s if the lady is lucky).
    As an example I would draw your attention to an extract from Othello’s final speech in the play of the same name:

    “Here is my journey’s end, here is my butt,”

    Even if that was recited before a male audience of very mature academics, theologians and essayists I guarantee there would be stifled sniggers and quirks of the mouths as grins are supressed.

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