What do you mean I’m paranoid???

They say I have some irational fears. Seriously, is it not normal to worry that every ache and pain will be lethal? Is it wrong to think that rogue Tibetan Monks will swarm the house and force me to be a monk? I wouldn’t be able to speak or blog for two years!! Oh, and I would miss my wife.

These things could be worse than what others suffer but not by much, I’m afraid. Sure, they could shave my head, I already survived that in the military. But shutting up this chatter mouth for two years? I don’t know if I’d get out alive. Remember, these are rogue Monks who make their own rules.

What if they torture me by forcing me to make my bed every morning? I know! I could never, as a Christian, worship Buddha. Now for my Buddhist friends, I’m not bashing your religion. It’s just that rogue members of any faith can do some pretty strange things.

Wait! This is just an irrational fear. It’s not really going to happen. Now if you’ll please excuse me, there seem to be some unruly guys at the front and back doors. I’ll check them out. Click here for lots more funny,FREE and short blogs!

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