The teeth? No, not the teeth!!

At a burger joint, I saw an old couple buy one meal and split it. The man was eating while the woman waited. I offered to buy another meal but she said “No thank you. We always split everything 50/50.” I asked her why she was waiting and she said, “It’s his turn to use the teeth.”

A couple sharing is wonderful but I don’t think we’re meant to share everything. In fact, it’s sort of disgusting, I think. My wife and I don’t even share the same hair brush. I know some couples that share a (gasp) toothbrush! I know! That should be illegal!

We don’t even use the same bathroom, which works out great for each of us. She gets the matter bath, naturally, but I’m ok with that. It’s practical. She requires a lot more space when we’re getting ready to go somewhere. She’s OCD too so everything is laid out in perfect order, like a hit man putting together his rifle.

On the other hand, I require very little space. A small bathroom with a regulation sized shower, a sink with very little counter space and a few drawers. Oh, and a towel rack which I never use because the towels on them are purely for decoration. Crazy.

Oh well, it works for us. We’re celebrating our 20th anniversary next February. If it ain’t broke… Click here for more than a thousand FREE short and funny blogs!Give the gift of laughter this year. Click here!

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