A grain of salt??

A friend told me that since I’m a comedy writer, he takes everything I say with a grain of salt. What the heck does that even mean? I’ve never seen him actually pop any salt in his mouth when I’ve been talking to him in the past.

And why just one grain? Why not several grains so you can at least have something you can taste? If I talk to her while having lunch, she should sprinkle some salt on his meal. Does a single grain of salt really protect someone against someone telling the truth attractively? I don’t get it.

I read that the term was first used in 17th century England as part of an anecdote to poison. But the Americans officially adopted the phrase in 1908. Today, it means to take what someone might tell you but with a hint of untruth or exaggeration.

This deeply offends me. I really have skydived over the Rockies in the dead of winter and lived on nothing but nature for seven days. No, wait. That was Lee Stroud, Survivorman. I thought sure it was me. Ok, maybe you should start taking what I say or write with that grain of salt. I obviously can’t be trusted.

3 thoughts on “A grain of salt??

  1. We are more generously sceptical in the UK, we take a whole pinch of salt! (Note to self…must count out the grains in the next pinch so I can brag about it)
    Skydiving over Rockies?….Big Deal.
    Would Stroud dare to do a 30 minutes stand up before a rough crowd?

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