You would do that for me?

If I were a woman and a guy was trying to show his undying love for me by saying he would climb the highest mountain and swim the deepest ocean for me, I think I would say, “Awesome! Let me know when you get back and we’ll talk.”

We guys say some of the most ridiculous things to women to get a date. Dr. Laura, the famed radio shrink used to tell women that unless a guy was willing to swim through shark infested waters just to get you a lemonade, he wasn’t worthy of her love.

Seriously? Shark infested waters? Lemonade? First of all, the guy would never make it and what if she didn’t even like lemonade? How about I drive through Starbucks and bring you your favorite drink? I’m pretty sure women like their Starbucks more than lemonade.

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2 thoughts on “You would do that for me?

  1. I don’t want a guy who’s gonna climb a mountain or swim ‘cross the ocean … heck, I’d be long dead by the time he got back. I just want one who’ll wash my back and pick up his own damn socks!

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