Stop hitting me!!

I think I would rather be a baseball bat than a piñata, because the piñata gets hit pretty hard.

When my kids were little, I only bought one piñata for their birthday parties. I don’t mean one for each party, I mean only one ever. Each time a blindfolded kid took a whack at it, I would hoist it up so they missed.

Why would I do something so dastardly? Simple. For fun and profit. It’s always a good time when you have a backyard full of kids konking each other with bats. That’s just fun to watch.

Plus you can also make a lot of money getting videos like that on TV. Sure, there are the law suits by some angry parents, but I just considered those as a cost of doing business. I also got beat up a few times and spent some time behind bars but I made a pretty good living at it. Ah, the good old days…

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