I can’t afford this!

When my kids were little, we were leaving. My daughter waved and said, “Bye bye, Goofy.” My son waved and said, “Bye bye, Pluto.” I waved and said, “Bye bye, money.”

I honestly have no idea how a family can afford to go to any of the Disney properties. Seriously, it’s crazy expensive. I think you would have to religiously save money for several years or put the whole thing on a credit card. Insane.

If I did that, there would be no Christmas for at least 15 years. No birthday presents either. No fringe spending at all. I think under those conditions, my kids would have chosen to skip Disneyland. Fortunately, it wasn’t horribly expensive back then. We could actually afford to go once a year.

The food and treats are also insanely expensive! I don’t think you can bring food into the park, so they can hold you captive. My kids would be like, “I want a chorro.” I was like, “What are you, nuts? Just finish those corn dogs we found.”

In today’s world, I think I would have to pull a ‘Mission Impossible’ trick on them. I would wake them all up, take them into the garage while they’re still groggy, have large cardboard cutouts of the castle and some of the characters, play Disney music loud, tell them we’re going on a ride which would actually consist of blind folds and a couple of swivel chairs which I would spin until they were dizzy. There’s your budget trip to Disneyland for ya. You’re welcome. Click here for more than a thousand FREE short and funny blogs!

3 thoughts on “I can’t afford this!

      1. One of MAD’s many looks at Walt Disney was him showing an audience around his studios, the theme being he inadvertently kept letting slip the amount of money Disney was raking in.
        One part sticks in my mind was him referring to a film
        “20,000 grand…Ooops 20,000 leagues under the sea,”

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