Fire in the hole!!

When I was 18, I was hired along with two other guys to remove scrap metal from old buildings. We found three live hand grenades. We decided to take them to the boss in a box. I said, “What if one blows up on the way?” Another guy said, “We’ll just tell them that we only found two.”

Yeah, I didn’t work with that guy again. What a moron! He’s one of those people who thinks that a thesaurus was in Jurassic World. He’s the guy who always sticks his head over the fireworks gadget that failed to go off – yet. Knucklehead.

I’m sure that when home fireworks are legal to use, hospital emergency rooms are jammed with people who accidently tip the explosive over while lighting it or thought that it would be smart to hold an explosive decoration in your hand. Brilliant!

Where I live fireworks are legal on July 4th and July 24th. Why the 24th? Because it’s part of the celebration of ‘Pioneer Day’, which is a big deal here. I don’t know if other states make their own pioneer days state holidays, but it’s huge here. I don’t get it, but it’s kind of a strange place anyway but I it’s an extra holiday so I won’t complain.

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