My brain is frozen!!

I decided it was time for me to quit doing comedy when I told the same joke three times in one performance. It wasn’t the repetition that bothered me, it was the fact that all three times it didn’t get a laugh.

I always knew the time would come when I would know it was time to do the ultimate mic drop. I promised myself years ago that I would not be a 60 year old guy still trying to make a living doing one night hell gigs in small town bars. I’m happy I kept that promise.

I’ve watched comedians completely melt down on stage and there was no way I was going to be that guy. Ever. So I got out and began writing. I’m happy with that because I discovered that I love to write and it’s a good forum for which to still make people laugh. Thank you for choosing to be my audience!

Yesterday, we lost a comedy icon. Not a performer, but the owner of The Comedy Store, Mitzi Shore. Yes, Pauly’s mother. In Hollywood, you wanted to be a regular at The Comedy Store, The Improv, or The Laugh Factory. Those are clubs that can launch a career. Mine was The Laugh Factory, so I didn’t know Mitzi well, but she helped launch the careers of so many comedians. She will be missed. Click here for more than 1,300 short FREE and funny blogs!

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