Never drink coffee at the beach!

This morning I covered my ear with my coffee cup and could hear the ocean! I know! It was awesome until the pain from really hot coffee filled my ear. That hurt! Live and learn.

Some things a person should be able to think things through on their own. You know, like taking a lear jet on a joy ride when you don’t know how to fly. Our trying to handle thousands of bees when you’re not a bee keeper.

I always thought that priests would make great bee keepers because they are always swinging that thing that emits smoke and I’ve heard that smoke calms the bees down. Instead of poker nights and carnivals to raise money, each parish could have their own side business selling honey.

It’s always best to think things through, which I’m just starting to do. Three failed marriages. Shouldn’t I see what was coming? I am very fortunate on the fourth wife. Heather is committed 100% to our union of 21 years now. In fact she filed a grievance with the union steward just last week. Something about failing to take out the trash. I forgot.

There are many crooks spending time in the joint who would be if they had just taken the time to button up their plan. My ear still hurts. Click here for more than 4,000 FREE short and funny blogs! New blogs added every week!

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