Whatever you’re protesting, Count me in!!

I’m going to start a movement to protest all protests. No matter what the cause, we’ll protest. Even when we’re interviewed by the media and we’re asked why we’re against the cause, our official response will be “What cause?” It’s important to get involved!

Just the feeling of an official protest seems to do the trick for so many people. Find a cause, decide for what ever reason that you don’t like it and begin to show hate toward the cause. It doesn’t matter in the least what you hate as long as you find something to despise enough to write about it, march about it and fight for it.

If I had to choose one thing right now, I think I would protest the fact that it is illegal to litter. Most cities have street sweepers that we already pay for anyway so if no one litters what are they going to pick up? It should be only stuff that the sweeper can handle. So, it would still be illegal to litter, let’s see, an anvil.

Cigarettes, fast food bags and wrappers, a kleenex or two. Give those street sweepers something to do so they’re not wasting our tax dollars. Yep, that’s my cause for now. The trick is to get a crowd out there first Protesting FOR the street sweepers, so we can still pretend we don’t know what we’re protesting.

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