Don’t throw the baby!!

I’ve often heard the phrase, ‘Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater’. Seriously? What kind of person would do that? That’s just mean plus the wet baby would get all dirty again and that completely defeats the purpose of the bath, right?

Who ‘throws’ out bathwater anyway when there’s a perfectly good drain right in the bath tub? Something is horribly wrong and I will get to the bottom of it. Clearly the person is missing more than the drain.

You might want to throw out a very old rubber duck that is falling apart and thereby causing a choking hazzard. Or toys that the baby uses to completely soak you and the entire bathroom. Those make perfect sense to me. But throwing out the baby? That’s against the law, right?

I think that person should be reported to ‘child protective services’, arrested and tested to see if they are insane. I know! Of course they’re crackers even if there was no baby involved. They THROW OUT THE BATHWATER!

4 thoughts on “Don’t throw the baby!!

  1. I suppose it depends on where one throws the bathwater. I learned the hard way that the drain is no good, for no matter how small the baby, it simply won’t fit down the drain. (Yes, I am kidding, so please don’t call Social Services … and anyway, my ‘baby’ will be turning 50 this year, so all is well!)

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