I love applesauce!!

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Therefore applesauce everyday should keep all drunk doctors away.

Typically, you wouldn’t think a physician would come to work after a bender but the odds are some of them do and I think they’re all mine. I know! It took a host of the best doctors in their field to diagnose this disorder I have. And it really shouldn’t have been so difficult, because I’m nuts.

That is the clinical term for it. The Latin term is ‘insanus’. There are only a few ways to treat it. One involves a cocktail of medications, another would be therapy but I think my best option is a frontal labotomy. I think I’ll go that route because then not only will I not care, I’ll remember nothing. Sweet!

I wonder how many surgeries are botched because Dr. Schnapps had a little bit to much hooch the night before. And doesn’t that sort of thing cause your hands to shake a little? I have shaky hands, but I’m not a doctor or a surgeon. I’m an entertainer with a serious tremor. I could never perform that job. But I would be one heck of a gynecologist.

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2 thoughts on “I love applesauce!!

  1. One of the poignant passages of childhood. As you older and realise that not all doctors are as compassionate, wise and careful as the central characters on a TV medical drama.
    (OR later not a clever and astute as ‘Hawkeye’ Pierce).
    Ah well.

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