I swear it’s the truth!!

Ok, this is going to be a little longer than normal for me, but I swear it’s all true and you’ll enjoy it. A few years ago, I came from my neighbor’s house to come home, just as it was getting dark. An old woman I didn’t know called me over to the bus stop in front of the house. She was holding a cat. She told me she lived in the neighborhood and before I could ask her where, the bus pulled up. The lady threw me some keys – and then the cat – said she lived in a brown house and I should put her cat in her house. She got on the bus and was gone. I don’t know if you’ve ever ‘caught’ a cat in mid air, but it is as painful as it sounds. With the cat securely attached to my shoulder and chest, I headed down the block in search of the brown house. It was dark when I stopped at the first brown house and tried the key. A man answered the door and asked me what the @&$%^ I was doing. I asked him if this was their cat. He looked at me like I was a total nutcase and told me to get off of his property. I went to the next brown house and in the dark with the cat digging new holes in me, I finally opened up the door and the cat jumped in.

Since I was only going to be at my neighbor’s place for a couple of minutes, Heather was getting worried. She checked with the neighbor who said I had left a while ago. Then they see a white van across the street. Someone slams the back doors and the van peels rubber. Naturally, they think I’ve been kidnapped. Heather was just getting ready to call 911 when I came up the walk with a bloodied shirt and this crazy story.

The woman came by a couple of days later to get her keys. I avoid her now. The end.

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