Are you kidding me? I’m hot!

A friend and I met up at a night club. When he got there he told me, “See those girls over there? When I walked by one of them said nine. She digs me.” I said, “I hate to tell you this but when I walked by they were speaking German.”

I’m so glad I stopped going to those nightclubs in the 80’s. All of these people playing the game. Guys thinking every lady in the joint has the hots for him, women trolling for free drinks from the idiotic guys. I didn’t dance or buy drinks for any of them. Ever. I was just there to take in the show. Plus my wife didn’t want me to date.

The most pathetic were the guys standing around the dance floor, sort of moving to the beat of the music while drinking some fruity blended drink with an umbrella in it. Very manly. They didn’t have a clue and would never ask someone to dance. Ladies don’t care. If there’s no one to dance with, the hit the floor and dance anyway.

I don’t like to dance anyway, unless it’s a dance with a bride I know well at her wedding. Heather doesn’t like to dance either. I know! Score! Well here’s to all of you manipulated guys out there who never meet the right lady in a bar. A word to the wise; you might be looking in the wrong place. Check out my books and DVD here now!

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